something about me ..

Nothin too deep, but just a little about me.. I love life! I believe I spread love and positivity to ones around me. Loyalty, honesty and trust are super important to me. I'm a very hard worker and very passionate about what I do. I live to entertain! Performing on stage infront of thousands of people is the best feeling. Dancing, expressing how you feel through movement and music is amazing. Acting, I love being in front of the camera! I'm about to take over the world! ;-) Just kidding. Haha. Music, how could I live a day without it? Traveling. Everyone should travel to Venice, Italy and Paris at some point in their life. Vacations, esp to Hawaii! Being with my family and friends. I cherish the moments I spend with them. My friends know that if they need anything, then I'm ALWAYS there no matter what. I have the best parents in the world. I love the beach. I love learning new things. I'm learning how to play the piano right now, it's so much fun. I love animals. I am a clean freak. I love shopping at Metro Park. That store pretty much sums up my style. I love sleeping in. Eating is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Watching movies. Talking in different accents for fun, weird I know. Cuddling and kissing with that special someone ;-). Laughing, I'm always smiling. I appreciate people who can be silly. Oh ya and Hey, I'm Miley. : ) "Do what you love and love what you do." DREAMS COME TRUE! XO

Mileyworld 2

Hey guys its miley =] so this is something like mileyworld but its free!
so when u want to talk to me without paying ure at the right place


when u want to chat with me & other fans pls leave comments in the OFFICIAL FORUM youl find it under "sub-forums & Topics" xx

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